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报告人:Umberto CelanoSenior Research Scientist ( IMEC, Kapeldreef 75, 3001 Leuven, Belgium)

报告题目:Scalpel SPM toward the three-dimensional characterization of confined volumes




With the introduction of 3D devices and stackable architectures in both logic and memory applications, the physical characterization of 3D nano-sized volumes is becoming of paramount importance. Furthermore, for specific applications the characterization cannot be limited to the observation but it has to incorporate the electrical properties of the sample. Therefore, the main requirements for a valuable 3D characterization technique are: (1) nano-scale sensitivity for morphological and electrical features and (2) capability to expand from 2D (surface analysis) towards probing in the three dimensions. Here, scanning probe microscopy (SPM) tomography (often referred to as Scalpel SPM) is proposed as an approach for three-dimensional characterization of confined volumes. After introducing the fundamentals of high-pressure tip-induced material removal, the controlled sub-nm slice-and-view capability is demonstrated for different materials leading to the characterization of highly confined volumes (< 1000 nm3). This is applied here to various emerging devices including logic and memory with emphasis on filamentary- and areal-type resistive switching for the interpretation of the switching mechanisms and failure modes.


Umberto Celano is a Senior Research Scientist at imec (Belgium), currently visiting the Geballe Laboratory for Advanced Materials at Stanford University (USA). He received his Ph.D. in Physics from the University of Leuven (KU Leuven) in December 2015. His research has established a novel three-dimensional nanoscale imaging technique that combines sensing with sub-nm material removal to study materials in confined volumes. Umberto is the recipient of the Rogen A. Haken Best Paper Award at IEDM (2013) and has authored or co-authored 50+ papers in international journals and conference proceedings. He works with the metrology working-group in the International Roadmap for Devices and Systems (IRDS) and he is a member of the early carrier editorial board of Nano Letters. Previously, Umberto received his B.Eng. in Electronic Engineering and a M.Sc. degree in Nanoelectronics with honors from the University of Rome Sapienza, Italy.

Contac: Prof. Mario Lanza


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