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Presenter: Dr. Marina Soares e Silva (Publisher Materials Science, Elsevier),

Prof. Ze Zhang (Director for the Centre for Electron Microscopy, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University)

Topic: Leading peer review and publishing in the XXI century – introducing Materials Today Nano

Time: 2:00 PM, April 13th (Friday)

Location: 909-B


Like Science, Academic Publishing is at its heart an ever evolving and collaborative enterprise. With the onset of the digital revolution, new technologies have enabled Elsevier to create tools to better serve authors, editors and reviewers. Together with the researchers doing the Science we have developed innovative solutions that give us the opportunity to lead academic publishing in areas such as data sharing and peer review transparency. With our broad portfolio of journal brands we have the privilege to serve and collaborate with networks of excellent scientists who take part in and choose our peer-reviewed journals to publish trusted and impactful content. In China we continue to strengthen partnerships across the Materials Science. The journal Materials Today Nano, headed by Prof. Ze Zhang at Zhejiang University, represents an exciting collaboration between the Materials Today brand and one of China’s leading Centre for Electron Microscopy. This title aims to be the journal for the community globally to share their insights on materials properties at the nanoscale, including the novel findings that emerge with the latest techniques in imaging and characterization.


Dr. Marina Soares e Silva, Publisher Materials Science, Elsevier

Prof. Ze Zhang, Director for the Centre for Electron Microscopy, School of Materials Science and Engineering, Zhejiang University


       Dr. Marina Soares e Silva                                    Prof. Ze Zhang


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