Suzhou is under the influence of East Asia Monsoon. The city has a mild and humid climate. Seasons are distinct, with usually hot summers and plenty of precipitation throughout the year. The average annual temperature in Suzhou is 15.9°C, but July reached an average high 28.2°C and January a low of 3.6°C.

Four seasons in Suzhou:

Spring (March - May): with an average temperature of 14.2°C, however the temperature doesnĄ¯t maintain itself during the entire length of spring. April can have temperatures under 0°C.

Summer (June - August): the hottest season of the year with an average temperature of 26.6°C. June is the rain season; July is the hottest month and can reach a maximum temperature of 35°C.

Autumn (September - November): with an average temperature of 17.6°C, the season starts with days of over 30°C and cools as September arrives.

Winter (December - February): The coldest weather is felt during late January (as low as -8°C), but winter's average temperature is of 4.4°C. In recent years, winter has not shown itself to be as cold.