Venue: Conference Room 1101, Building 907, Soochow University Dushu Lake Campus

The Dushu Lake Campus (New Campus) lies in Suzhou Industrial Park, just beside the Dushu Lake resort. Its construction was started in March, 2004, and the total area contained was 1786.16 mu (about 294.2 acres). The number of students enrolled here is 26388, including 12187 undergraduates, 7976 post-graduates, 682 overseas students, 5543 students of self-study examination majors. Currently, it has ten colleges. They are School of Humanity, Phoenix Communication College, School of Society, School of Politics & Public Management, School of Education, School of Arts, Gold Mantis School of Architecture and Urban Environment, College of Chemistry, Chemical Engineering & Materials Science, College of Nano Science & Technology and Medical College. Also, it has gained an epigraph from former State Council Vice-Premier Mr. Li Lanqing, "reading by Dushu Lake Resort, a good place for study."