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Undergrad Program

1.Co-op exchange studentprogram

Co-opexchange student program is a very unique joint training program forundergraduates. Each year, Soochow University and the Cooperative Universitycan send certain number of students to the other side for several months study,credits meet the requirements can be recognized. Now this program has beenworked out successfully in Western University, University of Waterloo, andTrinity College of Dublin.

2.“2+2” Dual-Bachelor DegreeProgram

The program is jointly established by Soochow University (SU) and University ofWaterloo (UW). All students of SU in the second year who study in science canapply for the program. Students must complete the first two years course in SUbefore entering the program, then go to UW for the next two years study.

In the program, credits meet the requirements of both universities can berecognized conversion. Students who reach the credit and degree requirements ofboth universities can achieve Bachelor Degrees from both Soochow University andUniversity of Waterloo.

3.“3+2” Bachelor &Master Degree Program ;

The program is jointly established by Soochow University (SU) and University ofWaterloo (UW). Students of SU in the third year who study in biology, medicine,chemistry, chemical engineering, electrical and computer engineering,mechanical and electrical engineering, physics and astronomy, engineeringsystem design nanotechnology and other related majors can apply for theprogram. After finishing the three years undergraduate courses of SU, studentswill continue two years further study in UW.

In the first year at UW, students need to finish undergraduate thesis for SU,required courses in UW and master starting thesis in UW. Students meet all therequirements can achieve Bachelor Degree from SU.

In the second year at UW, students continue the master research work. Aftercomplete the research work, students will achieve Master Degree from UW.


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