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Welcome! As a student at CNST you will use English to study the science modules you choose to take. The English Language Center will help you with the language and study skills you need to be successful in your studies.

The approach that we take in the English Language Center emphasizes active learning. This means that you will work together to negotiate and solve problems. Tasks will be meaningful and directly relevant to your scientific study. At the start you will receive a lot of help and guidance from your teachers, but over time you will learn to study more independently.

Your first year of study will be organized largely by the English Language Center, and this will help you to prepare for your science courses in subsequent years. In this preparatory year, you will develop the language and academic skills that scientists need to prosper at an international university.

For example, you will need to read textbooks and journal articles, listen to lectures, write research reports, give presentations, and work both independently and in small teams. The English Language Center will help you to develop these skills so that your transition from high school to university is a smooth one.


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