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Year 1 Program

The program of study in Year 1 is intended to provide a bridge between the study methods you have used in high school, and the language, study and thinking skills that you will need to be successful in an English medium university. The year is divided into two semesters, and all students are required to take the following modules.

Semester 1

English Skills for Scientists (ESS)

In this module you will be given an introduction to the study of science in English. The course aims to help you to acquire the necessary confidence, language and academic skills to engage with high school level science in English. You will be helped to make the transition between the type of teaching and learning that you have experienced at high school and the expectations of your teachers at university level. In this module, you will engage with new ideas and participate in stimulating activities which will help you to develop your ability to communicate scientific ideas effectively.

General English (GE)

General English is a course that focuses on developing communications skills in English where students will study a variety of interesting topics using all four skills (speaking, listening, reading, and writing). The aims of the General English course are to:

a) motivate students to communicate effectively using a range of non-science topics.

b) help students to gain confidence in speaking English.

c) increase students’ enjoyment of English as a world language.

d) equip students with the grammatical knowledge and vocabulary they need to study independently in English.

Study Skills and vocabulary (SSV)

This course is linked to English Skills for Scientists (ESS) and prepares students for the study skills they will needat university:

-listening to lectures


-reading to write


-critical thinking

-learning new vocabulary

Semester 2

Science Research and Enquiry (SRE)

In this module you will learn about the process of writing different types of texts: for example, writing a detailed research report, and writing a critical review. In the process, you will learn about text organisation, searching for information, and how to analyse sources critically. You will also learn about academic honesty, referencing, and how to avoid plagiarism.

Science and Society (SSO)

This module is linked to Science, Research and Enquiry (SRE), and will focus mostly on developing your academic listening and speaking skills. You will learn how to take and organise notes for use in writing, how to give effective presentations (formal and informal), and how to communicate effectively, in groups, through negotiation and discussion.


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